“Notwithstanding Anything Contained Herein”

A blog about financial agreements and language.
About Me

I am an experienced NLP/NLU professional and computational linguist with detailed knowledge of financial services and financial agreements.

In 2018, I co-founded Claira because institutions were in need of visibility into their active and legacy contracts. The volume of contracts, the obscurity of the language, and the sheer variability from document-to-document presents a challenge that is either too expensive or too impractical to manage manually.

Perhaps worse than that, though, is that many institutions have been lured, and subsequently mislead, by promises of "AI". Instead, they've been sold broken black boxes. But they still have a problem to fix. And it is actually eminently fix-able, if you have the right approach, which, needless to say, most "AI" vendors do not have.

I am by background a linguist, and it's the linguistic approach I take to contract analysis and legalese. I am leading a team of computational linguists, data scientists and legal annotators to produce purpose-built solutions for financial institutions who need to pull insights from their active and legacy agreements. Once upon a time, I was an academic linguist. You can see the archived version of my academic website here. I transitioned to financial services because I saw an opportunity to bring my unique skillset to a challenging and pressing problem. You can read my CV here.